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He was a home remodeler from the UK; she was an aspiring Real Estate investor-turned-agent who fell in love with both Austin, and Paul. Fast forward four years and this couple has purchased and remodeled homes, they own and operate 6 Airbnb properties, have started and grown both a Remodeling and Roofing company, and Erin is one of the highest producing real estate agents in Austin! How do they do it? It’s not really work if you love what you do. Paul & Erin have a genuine passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals. With Paul’s command of all skills required for remodeling and his creative and artistic capabilities (he has designed, and in many cases built many of the tables, fireplace mantels, and cabinetry you see in the Remodeling section of this website), and Erin’s business, customer service and interior design skills; Paul and Erin are uniquely suited to take on any size project from start to finish.


Teamwork seems to be woven throughout Paul and Erin’s relationship, and nowhere is that more evident than in the couples’ residential remodel work. With Erin’s sharp eye for trendsetting design, and Paul’s uncanny ability to make just about anything, the two bring their skills together in stylish home renovations. As a busy Austin Realtor, Erin tours dozens of homes every week, with a side effect being that she subconsciously gathers a good sense of what buyers do and don’t want, what colors and materials are being under or overused, trending looks, and a wide variety of styles. No matter the price point of the home they’re working on, Paul and Erin are able to bring innovative ideas, custom pieces, unique design elements and stunning beauty to all of their projects.


We are always on the look-out for a great candidate for our next remodel project. If you are interested in selling your home to us, or want more information about how it works, be sure to fill out our Contact Us form!


Whether you’ve been dreaming about a new kitchen or bathroom, or just want to add some modern flair to your existing floor plan, Paul and Erin offer remodel consultations to help brainstorm and develop a plan for you. Once they’ve seen your home and understand your vision, they will work on a budget and timeline, and their experienced crews are ready to get the work done. During this process, the pair will work tirelessly to make sure your goals and your ideas come through in the end result. Call, text or use our Contact Us form to tell us about your project and schedule a no obligation consultation.


There is no job too large or too small when it comes to our roofing company. We have over 23 years of experience, and our crews can handle everything from large commercial buildings down to small residential roof repairs. We work with every type of material, including metal, shingles, concrete tiles, terracotta, and everything in between. If you haven’t been on your roof lately, it’s worth having us take a look; you may have damage that you’re unaware of that can cause serious issues with your insurance company down the line. Our experienced team will even walk you through the claims process if damage is found and advocate on your behalf with your insurance company. Insurance companies actually favor proactive repairs and many now have programs to incentivize their customers to make these repairs before they become large claims. Call or text me directly; or use our Contact Us form to schedule your no cost/no obligation roof inspection today!


There are many reasons Erin makes an exceptional Realtor, and many reasons why she is consistently a top producer both in her office and in the Austin market as a whole. Not only does she deliver diligent communication and results for both her buyer and seller clients, but she is patient, and takes the time to understand what each of her clients are looking to accomplish, continuously affirming and evolving their position in each step of their journey. Erin has earned numerous professional designations in the field of Real Estate, positioning herself to be the best in the industry, and as educated as possible to best take care of her clients.


Buying a home in a seller’s market can be a challenge, at every price point. Erin is highly skilled in writing offers for the win, having beat out dozens and dozens of offers for her clients. When it comes to navigating the home buying process, it’s important to choose a Realtor who will always keep your bigger picture in mind, who will maintain consistent patience throughout the property selecting and touring process, and who will understand and play to the urgency of the market, quite often working late into the night, weekends, and holidays. Erin will also help you stay realistic about your home buying goals and intentions; she will ensure you start the process in the right place, and ensure you’re given the tools and resources you need at every step of the way. Whether you are looking to buy a resale home, or build a brand new one, Erin is the Realtor you want by your side!


As your listing agent, Erin will work hard to promote and expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible through her strong network. She will advise and provide details on the market and buyer stats for the area, hold open houses every weekend until it sells, and field buyer inquiries and showing requests, amongst many other important steps along the selling process.


Erin and Paul are always on the look-out for homes that could use some updating! If you’re interested in selling us your home, as-is, and without listing it on the open market, be sure to contact us so we can come take a look and discuss the benefits of selling directly to us.


When you choose to work with Erin, you will work directly with her – not with a large corporation or a company you cannot reach by phone. Feel free to call or send her a text message directly, or to use our Contact Us form to provide her a little more insight on what you need – she will respond quickly!

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